All Neighbors are Nosy

New Listing Postcards

Sent to neighbors of All new listings. Not Just Yours.
Sent Weekly. Zip Code Exclusivity.


Lock in Your Zip for $199/Mo

1 Year Commitment Gets Your Exclusivity & Up to 400 Cards/Mo.

What People Say

  • Sh#t for $200 bucks a month, I get 400 postcards sent in the demographic that I'm trying to farm. Thats like 50 cents per card. NO ONE can beat that.

    Russ Wooley Wright Bros. Real Estate

  • I love the fact that my agents without listings, can send 'new listing' postcards just like my agents that have tons of listings.

    Frank Tommaso Blu Skyy Realty

  • Combing print advertising with a new technology like text messaging really gives print value. Before I would send postcards for branding and nothing more. Now, my postcards actually generate leads.

    Steve Dolinsky Agent in NY

About us:

We are looking to take a traditional medium like print, add some smarts & a huge serving of value. We dare you to find anyone that is offering 400 post cards for $200 bucks. Especially 400 postcards that target the demographic you want, are sent weekly, & have a text lead capture service. You can't beat it! Boo Ya.


P.O. Box 810. Pine, Co. 80470.


[email protected]

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  • How much does it cost per postcard?
  • Is there a contract?
  • Why does this work?

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